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On 11-18-2013 After I submitted my complaint to the BBB in Michigan, Russ Keating responded that PAUL would contact me to complete my refinance and the problem with the loan was problem with the title. THAT IS A LIE.

Additionally, as of December 07, 2013 NO ONE, NOT PAUL, NOT ANYONE has contacted us to correct or refinance or as I requested REFUND MY $475.00 Paid for the Apprasial that they told us to get to close within the next week. They lied to the BBB so that my complaint would read satisfied and CLOSED.I am NOT satisfied and we informed the BBB that once again SHORE MORTGAGE, RUSS KEATNG in particular is full of it and lies out of all part of his mouth.

Original review posted by user Nov 18, 2013


This is the worst company I have ever done business with in 43 years of owing real estate both as an investor and personal home owner.Jarrod Rundle of Shore Mortgage started or Refinance on January 6, 2013 and as of November 18, 2013, it still has not been done. Ever opportunity Shore Mortgage gets they try to ship the blame to me. I have over 161 emails, I have sent and/or received from Shore Mortgage over the 11 months period. Only about 13.2% of them was communication from Shore Mortgage. They are very bad about returning phone calls and hate to committ in writing what they verbally say over the phone.I wait 6 months to hear from ShoreMortgage and finally I had to call them for an update and was told that Jarrod Rundle was no longer working there. I was then assigned to Ed Williams who had not even reviewed my file and wanted me to re-submit paperwork they already had. Other than that he was not a problem except he kept giving me the run around. He was good about returning my phone calls but nothing else happened. Every concerns Shore Mortgage presented we took care of and all ways had to call and ask for an update and closing date. Finally, we asked for our refund for the apprasial they had us do AFTER they had pulled the title work and told us that all the title work was clear and we will close, pending the apprasial amount, ASAP. Once again we were given the run around. The problems with ShoreMortgage are so numerous that it will take about 6 pages of notes I have to list here. When we called and asked for a refund of our fees, Russell Keating was assigned to do closure on our account. He was just as bad, if not worse, than all the others we had dealth with at Shore Mortgage.We called our concerns in to HIS BOSS, Mr. Paul Atpolo an he was polite and assured that he would get the matter solved, he did not. I called today and asked for his boss to settle this matter. Ms. Ann Marquette has been professional and caring during this whole horrible ordeal.

My attorney is considering a class action suit if others have the same experience as we have. Feel free to contact me at 469 232-8095. Robinson

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